5 Ways You Can Make A Great Real Estate Podcast

5 Ways You Can Make A Great Real Estate Podcast

If you’re thinking of hosting a podcast in real estate or a related business topic like sales, you’ll find it’s easier than ever to get started. You can have a producer help you get set up, and then invite guests to join you if you choose. You might decide to cover topics you’re familiar with, as it can be easy to develop content and you’ll be able to establish yourself as an expert.

To take the podcast to the next level, and draw in more listeners, you can consider some additional steps. Spend some time thinking about the following guidelines. In my experience, they’ve helped my podcast “The Insider’s Edge to Real Estate Investing” to gain an audience and have made it possible for me to connect with more individuals every week.

1. Find a Podcast Producer

A great producer can help advise on the right equipment to have and the best way to set everything up. They can also oversee the recording and editing as well. A really good producer will not only help just with the audio recording, but also the video portion of it. My podcast, for instance, now shares video clips in addition to the audio version, and is published and promoted on a variety of different channels.

2. Bring on the Right Guests

For my podcast, I’ve found that some of the most interesting content for listeners comes from the guests I interview. I personally find it intriguing when guests have taken a risk and done something on their own. They can share their story of how they took a leap of faith and started a company or platform from scratch. I also appreciate guests who can break down steps into details. This gives the audience a chance to hear how these individuals went through challenges and overcame obstacles.

While many guests have a business or website to promote, I’ve found that some of my best interviews are with people who look for ways to be helpful. They may agree to come on and share their experiences to encourage others to try the same. Those who tell of their mistakes and what they learned along the way also come across as authentic and genuine.

3. Put Yourself in the Listener’s Shoes

When interacting with guests, I usually have a couple of initial questions that I plan to ask. In addition to those, I look for ways to let the conversation develop and evolve. I always try to think of questions that listeners would ask.

This strategy allows guests to discuss what they believe is important and to highlight trends that they think will have an impact. It also increases the chances for the audience to find the material applicable. They might learn anything from what to look for in a property to how to make an initial investment, and what to expect in the coming months in retail, office, or other asset classes.

4. Publish the Podcast Widely

While you could place episodes on your website, there are many channels that can be used to reach the widest audience possible. It’s easy to distribute among multiple platforms through services like Libsyn. I use StreamYard, which runs the podcast on InstagramLinkedIn, and X at the same time. While this might seem redundant, I’ve found that there isn’t much overlap. Internet users are often looking to consume content in different places and having the show available in the format they prefer increases the likelihood that they’ll listen to it.

5. Think about Your Reach

Some of the advantages of podcasts include that they can be downloaded or listened to from anywhere in the world. This means that you could have a global audience, regardless of where you are currently located. The podcast format allows you to delve into a long-form discussion on a specific topic, and this can be helpful to others in your niche.

By sharing content that establishes you as an expert in a particular sector, you’ll build your credibility and can engage with listeners from all over. You could even develop connections and relationships with these individuals. You’ll likely learn during the process, which can help you take your real estate game to the next level too.