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Ready to make real estate a key part of your investment strategy?

Whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned veteran, The Insider’s Edge to Real Estate Investing will teach you everything you need to know to buy the right properties, grow your portfolio, and generate ongoing returns.

Game-changing strategies to outperform the market

10 steps to dramatically up your game in today’s lucrative real estate market

When is the best time to get into the real estate market? “Now,” according to Nelson, who draws on scores of evidence to show that any time can be right for jumping into the market, as long as investors have the inside knowledge to get them on the right track. Nelson shows you how to get started in real estate investing and uplevel your game in this practical, easy-to-follow guide that walks you through every step of the process.
One of today’s leading experts in real estate investing, James Nelson reveals his game-changing approach to making real estate a key part of your investment strategy. The Insider’s Edge to Real Estate Investing will teach you how to identify and purchase properties that align with your goals and experience in the market. Far more than a fix-and-flip guide, however, it then walks you through the process of building a team and creating an expanding portfolio that increases in value and generates ongoing returns. 


Today, you’re looking at a world of opportunities available in real estate investing. The Insider’s Edge to Real Estate Investing delivers critical information and insights for doing it the right way.

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