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Thinking Big with Wendy Berger

Whether you’re interested in active or passive investing, you’ll get key takeaways on how to expand your footprint from this episode featuring Charles Carillo, a real estate investor and entrepreneur. Charles has been involved in multifamily and commercial real estate investments since 2006. He is the managing partner of Harborside Partners, a real estate syndication firm, and has invested in more than $200 million worth of investment real estate to date. He’s also the host of the Global Investors Podcast, in which he interviews professionals about investing in U.S. real estate and educates listeners about industry-related topics.

You’ll learn incredible insight into getting a feel for a neighborhood and developing expertise in a niche market in this interview with Wendy Berger, principal of WBS Equities, LLC. For more than 30 years, Wendy has been involved in the real estate business as a developer, lender, property manager, broker, and investor. 
She began her career at American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago in commercial lending. Wendy also spent several years as a principal with Berger Realty Group, an 80-year-old family-owned real estate business, where she focused on residential and industrial property management and development. She was responsible for managing 3,000 apartment units, 200,000 square feet of commercial space, and 250,000 square feet of industrial space. Wendy has also paired her decade of experience in technology startups with her real estate knowledge for successful outcomes.

Wendy grew up in a family that was involved in the real estate business in Chicago and has memories of playing at construction sites as a child. She vividly recalls riding through the same neighborhoods repeatedly, as her relatives observed trends in the area and looked for indicators that change was coming. This background helped her establish the value of getting on the ground to find opportunities. “You cannot buy or build real estate sitting at your desk,” she says. 

After spending time in the technology space, Wendy spotted a real estate investment project and purchased an older hotel in Chicago, which she renovated both physically and digitally. Taking advantage of the rising trend in online bookings, she successfully marketed the hotel and increased the number of rooms rented. She went on to sell the property in early 2007 and applied the lessons she learned to her next deals.

Through her connections, Wendy was given an opportunity to oversee the construction of a pizza manufacturing facility. After completing the project successfully, she realized a great opportunity in building food manufacturing and food distribution facilities. She has formed a team of experts to help carry out these projects which often involve long-term commitments. She actively invests alongside her partner and keeps terms simple to make returns easy for everyone involved. Wendy serves on the board of directors for Green Thumb Industries and has branched into the cannabis space in recent times.

Today Wendy regularly mentors young women who are interested in the real estate industry and encourages other to make courageous career moves. “Think big and don’t worry about whether it’s possible or not,” she says. “Big thinking precedes great accomplishments.” 

You can connect with Wendy at LinkedIn or at her website WBS Equities, LLC.

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