Should You Create Content Now That ChatGPT Can?

Should You Create Content Now That ChatGPT Can?

With AI tools like ChatGPT able to generate content on demand, you may be wondering about its place in commercial real estate. While there is a need for content related to properties and building a brand, you might question if it’s worth writing text when AI can seemingly do it for you. With just a few commands, you can have marketing information, a blog post, or tweet prepared for you. (And for the record, I’m actually writing this article, not ChatGPT!)

Today’s tools certainly bring a lot to the table in terms of content. At the same time, there could be gaps and drawbacks to consider when using AI for commercial real estate. Given this, it could be beneficial to understand the factors involved with ChatGPT and other content generators. You’ll want to be prepared before hitting “publish” and sharing the messages with your audience.

Consider the following as you decide when and how to use AI in commercial real estate:

1. The Rise of AI in Content Creation

Before tools like ChatGPT, the process of developing a brochure for a property typically included the following: research, creating, editing, and publishing. Individuals took on these tasks, and machines were used to provide support. A quick Google search, for instance, might bring up a statistic that could be included in a property brochure.

With the recent advancements, the entire paradigm of content creation is changing. AI can now generate coherent text on command. The words it produces typically appear relevant and even mimic human language patterns. You could potentially create a brochure in a much shorter timeframe than in the past.

2. The Potential of AI Assistance

Today’s tools can provide a list of ideas, create a summary of material, or craft an article based on notes and guidelines. They can write in certain styles and polish grammar. If you’re aiming to write an article for your website on commercial real estate trends and want to brainstorm topics, AI could be a great starting point. You might be able to get suggestions that you can then sift through. You could choose those that resonate with you or modify several to fit your audience’s needs. In my case, I write my own fresh content, and then use AI to reposition it. The tools can take my work and suggest tweets and social media posts, which I’m able to review, edit, and then publish.

3. The Limitations of AI in Creativity

While ChatGPT can increase productivity, creating content in nearly an instant, it lacks a certain level of depth. For instance, AI draws from past information, and patterns to develop text. This means that whatever it creates is based on historical content.

At its base, the concept of creativity goes beyond past experiences and the mere arrangement of words. It involves critical thinking and nuanced understanding, along with fresh insight and perspectives. While AI can replicate sequences and generate content based on existing data, it lacks the human touch that is associated with creativity. Case in point: I recently posted two lists on how AI will transform the Commercial Real Estate landscape. One was written by me, and one was generated by Chat GPT. When I polled readers on which list they thought I created, two-thirds identified the correct one.

4. Authenticity and Relating to Your Audience

To engage with an online audience as you build your real estate brand, you’ll want to establish credibility and a way to connect with them. Audiences tend to look for your opinion, your voice, and other anecdotes that help them relate to your level. These stem from individual experiences and could easily be missed by AI. If your audience senses that you’re not reaching them personally through your posts on social media, they might look to other influencers who are creating their own content.

As you consider what content to produce for social media and the properties you’re involved with, the question may shift away from a debate on whether you should do it on your own or with AI. Instead, you might evaluate how to leverage AI to increase efficiency for commercial real estate tasks. In today’s world, you might find the best solution is to use AI as a support system and then put the human touch on any content you want to share with your audience.

Today’s tools certainly bring a lot to the table in terms of content. At the same time, there could be gaps and drawbacks to consider when using AI. Regardless of the professions you’re in, you could benefit from understanding the various factors involved with using ChatGPT and other content generators before hitting “publish” and sharing the messages with your audience.